Forest School

A glimpse into what we have been up to in our Forest School sessions, using the site at the University of Northampton….

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Cooking damper bread on the fire!

Thank you so much for the most fantastic forest school sessions Year 2!
Make sure you keep having fun in the outdoors over the summer and tell us all about your adventures outside!




Journey sticks, clay and climbing

Another fabulous morning in the woods with Year 2! On a day like this there is nowhere else that I would rather be. All of the children now in their 5th week of going to forest school have their own ideas and follow their own interest and motivations with quiet enthusiasm. There was so many pockets of creativity and invention around the woodland site. Lots of the children were deeply immersed with creating their own ‘journey sticks’…


We brought along a bag full of clay which the children used in many different ways. Moulding sculptures, onto trees and around sticks.

There was also some beautiful creations formed from the natural materials found in the woods.

We used the iPad to document our creations before they disappeared forever!

We will not be going to the woods next Wednesday as it is our school sports day. But we will look forward to the following week on the 16th July when Year 2’s parents are invited to join us in the woods. Mrs Atkinson will be sending out some information about how you can join in very soon.

Transient art, ‘find a tree’ and more potions!

Today we were ever so creative at forest school. We hadn’t been in the woods long before Aaron spotted some transient art. It is fantastic that the children are drawing on the things that they are learning in the classroom and using the skills and knowledge in the woods. We played a trust game called ‘find a tree’ where we took it in turns with a partner to guide our blindfolded friend to a special tree where they could use their touch to feel the tree and then guide them away. They then removed their blindfold and we saw if they could find their tree. It was amazing to see how happy the children were to work with one another and how supportive they were in guiding both physically and using their words.

When we talked about what we were going to do in the woods Wiktor asked “can we do some transient art?” We thought that was a great idea and we used pages from the book ‘Blossom Buddies’ to inspire us! Look at what we created…

Such fantastic creations! I wonder what art we could create next week…

What a lovely day to spend in the woods! We had some very ‘deep conversations’ around the decomposing fox that we had found and ‘what nature is’ which was a fantastic session to an extremely creative session in the woods. We are great at swopping places around the fire circle and Miss Lowery showed us what we would need to do in preparation for having a real fire! We played ‘1,2,3 where are you?’ And Miss Lowery showed us how to extend our clove hitch knot so that we lashed sticks and branches together to make frames and structures. Mrs Atkinson and some of the children created heir own dream-catchers some of the others created some transient art.

There was of course lots of climbing going on but some of the boys used the climbing ropes from our den kit to create their own rope swings.

There were a couple of saucepans and metal bowls that were accidentally left after nursery used the woods last week. We used them to create rhythms on the logs and trees with sticks. We then began mixing up potions and mixtures. “Let’s keep mixing until it becomes DNA” suggested Joshua.

I think that we will take more saucepans and bowls next week to create more potions and also play some trust games in the woods such as ‘find a tree’. I can’t wait! :)

Rain, rain, minibeasts, knots and sports!

Now we’ve all dried out we can reflect on our forest school session with Year 2 in the woods. It rained heavily for the ENTIRE time we were there but the children didn’t care! (Thanks to the parents that remembered to send them with waterproofs and Wellington boots) so the first challenge of the day was to create a shelter. There was a lot of problem solving involved with the construction as well as lots of teamwork. The children worked together to try possible methods of constructing a den to keep us dry and cosy!

Joshua noticed that there was some holes in the tarpaulin so he selected some tape and began repairing them. Thanks Joshua!
You can tell that lots of the children visited forest school in Reception and although it was two years ago they remembered lots and were immediately comfortable in the environment and ready to explore. It was amazing to see how their level of play has developed and how they would explore the environment at a deeper level creating their own challenges and problems to solve. There was a lot of creative thinking going on around using the natural and den making materials to create games and sports.

Isn’t that see-saw fantastic?
There was of course a lot of interest in minibeasts!

Lots of the children were trying out their skills at knotting and wrapping to create interesting decorations in the trees.

The children had lots of ideas for next week. Reflecting on the children’s interests and motivations from today I think we should make something using sticks and a new knot. Any suggestions for what we could make? Write a comment below.
Miss Lowery

See-saws minibeasts and the parents came too!

Wow what a fantastic last forest school session for the reception class! Lots of parents took up the offer to come and join our adventures in the woods and met us there to join in. On the way over to the site Cayden was very thoughtful about the fact that it was our LAST session in the woods saying “we have to make it count so it’s the best last forest school”. They certainly did! Look how busy they were…

Yet again lots of children (and parents) chose to explore minibeasts…
Azziah chose to use the iPad to capture his favourite parts of forest school


And we had one last wild run across the field!

Please comment below with your child’s favourite parts of forest school!

Today in the wood we were excited to continue to find and observe minibeasts. The children know lots of vocabulary to describe and compare the different creatures.

The children explored the den building pack and found a creative use for the masking and gaffer tape which reminded me of ‘yarn bombing’ (have a look on google if you haven’t heard of it!)

We were also delighted and excited to find a VERY big worm! We tried laying him out of a piece of paper so we could get an idea about how long he was. When we had finished looking and examining the way that worms move, we decided that they wiggle themselves around, Rehan exclaimed that ‘we need to put him back in his home now’ which was thoughtful and caring.

We look forward to inviting as many parents as possible to join us for our last session in the woods next week. We will send out a letter shortly to see if we can arrange car-shares.

Exploring, nests and ropes 23rd April 2014

What an exciting start to our Forest School sessions for Reception. The first day back and we’re whisked off to the woods in the minibus! The children were very sensible at thinking of the possible risks there might be in the woods and suggesting ways to keep both ourselves and others safe! There was a lot of excited chatter as we made our way to the fire circle…


Miss Lowery showed us a nest that she had found.

We discussed what we could use in the woods to create our own nests for the little ‘fragile’ eggs. Some of us used the ropes from the den making kit!

We played 1,2,3 where are you? Which is lots of fun and teaches us what to do if we were ever to become lost anywhere.


There was a lot of exploring to be had. Lots of us enjoyed using the den building kit from TTS to enhance their free play. There was so much teamwork and problem solving going on.

The children were so creative with the equipment, wrapping it around and around the trees and branches, using the pegs to measure the width of different branches- could the peg fit around it? It was fantastic to see the children being able to use the equipment independently and creatively.
There was a lot of excitement about what they could find and do…worms, pretty leaves, long sticks, wobbly sticks, how high they could climb and much more.


We had a talk about keeping safe around the fire circle and Miss Lowery taught Mrs Battah and the children a game to play next week where they practice stepping OUT of the fire circle and walking around the outside. It would be super if we were safe enough so that we could have a real fire in Forest School! Lots of the children were already planning what they would do next week. Cayden said that he thought there was a little bear that lived in the woods that was crying. He said that he would like to look after the bear and make him feel happy so he thought that he would like to build a den for the bear. Lots of the other children were keen to further their climbing skills. Some children wanted to continue making nests and we had a think about what other materials we might want to bring with us next week.
A super first outing…we can’t wait until next week!



Jungle, jungle here we go! Music, parades and finding!